Feb 5, 2022 • 16M

Audio: Deplatforming Joe Rogan will Backfire

(and badly)

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Sarah Haider
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This is an audio transcript of my first post.

I find that there are many, many things I want to read, but can’t find the time. I usually can find the time to listen, however.

So, I’ll be making an audio recording available for all my weekly essays. I’ll be linking to it at the top of each post (next time, at the same time as the essay is published).

After this week, however, this will be a perk available ONLY TO SUBSCRIBERS.
So if you prefer this over reading, please subscribe!

P.S… I’m still learning how to do this recording business - let me know what you think (problems, feedback, etc)! I’ve recorded it myself, hopefully I will get better with the delivery over time. But let me know if you think it is better I get an actual voice actor to do this. :)