Hi, my name is Sarah Haider. 

I’m an activist. 

If you’ve heard of me it is likely from my work with the non-profit I co-founded, Ex-Muslims of North America, a profile of me or an interview I gave, or more embarrassingly, my Twitter presence

Hold That Thought is where I think out loud in an attempt to understand the various points of confusion and conflict in our never-ending culture wars. More broadly, it is a study of human thought and behavior, from the perspective of someone who actively attempts to persuade people into changing theirs. 

This newsletter is part culture commentary and part extremely amateur sociology (the best kind!) - but the topics will be fairly varied from week to week. I am curious, fairly disagreeable, very honest, and nerdy…and I strive to be as rational and compassionate as possible. I hope you will see those qualities reflected in what you find here. 

In this newsletter, I will publish one essay per week - open to all. In addition, for subscribers I plan to publish a variety of less polished thoughts, continuations of other conversations and discussion, answers to reader questions, and extended commentary on external media appearances.

I would love for this space to become a community, and when it does, I will also open subscriber-only discussion posts.

You will not see ads, sponsors, or affiliate links on Hold That Thought. So if you like me and want to support my work, please subscribe! 

Here are the levels of subscription I currently offer:

  • Free: My weekly essay 

  • Supporter ($5 or more/month, or $50/year) : My weekly essay, and all the behind the scenes content, PLUS audio transcripts of most written posts.

  • Founding Member ($200+): All of the above, and my undying devotion!

Happy reading!


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