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Thank you for sharing thus exchange. You both made points that were enlightening and provocative. As to which of you were the more prescient I don't think there is an answer. If one is inclined toward a more pessimistic outlook, then you Sarah, would seem to have correctly forecast the state of affairs we see today. But the more optimistic views of Ayaan could very well reflect the future; and perhaps a near future.

I am old enough to have seen the idealistic young people I grew up with become the reactionary old Republicans of today. And even I, a slow learner, have found myself recoiling from the excesses on the left. Universities, and Hollywood, and media companies are not where most of us spend most of our lives. These cultural institutions can move us only so far before we snap back.

The extremists have some value in that they stretch our views. We may become more sensitive to others and more tolerant. But it won't be the way the woke would approve of. Nor will we wind up looking quite like the world Ron DeSantis wants to make. We'll just get along much as we always have because life is hard enough without fighting over stupid sh*t.

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