I like the more short, articles. I have a film blog & I'm kinda doing the same thing.

As far as the "social justice" stuff goes, I'll give you an little anecdotal ray of sunshine. I have a 16 year old daughter. Not super "anti-woke" but not "woke" either. (Despite 12 years of very progressive education). We're touring colleges now. Her Mom is a little less heterodox than me and we're visiting the usual East Coast liberal schools. The first one seemed only to have a few of the dog whistle words like "diversity" or "privilege" in their pitches. The second one was much more "captured" as they say. Without being overt, the guide made it clear what kind of "space" the campus was. But here's the thing.

I asked my daughter about it after the tour. She, a Gen Z kid (born in 2005) said "Oh, we call those types 'The last of the millenials.' "

Meaning, her & her friends, who sit through "diversity" stuff in high school all the time. She said most kids laugh and make fun of it behind the teachers backs. And that only a small percentage take any of it seriously. They care more about bands and Tik Tok. This is a VERY progressive NY school.

Again, anecdotal. But now "Culture Warriors" are "The man". The old bureaucratic fuddy-duddy's who the next generation will rebel against.

It'll get worse before it gets better. But long-term? Green shoots! It's a house of cards. It'll collapse under it's own weight. Fingers crossed!

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Please don't pull your punches. Readers sense when you're not being honest with yourself and lose faith in you.

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good interview.

i tend to produce very long essays an split them up when they get too long (more than 5K). i don't focus TOO much on pacing because sometimes i'll produce a lot in a week and then have weeks that are fallow. works for me

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