There's a great deal to think about in this essay. I printed a copy for my wife - we are in our 70s so I will be interested in her observations from the perspective of someone who went through it years ago.)

The impact of artificial hormones on trans people is something I had not thought about., particularly in terms of the other things we use to alter our physiological and hence mental state. As someone who has reached the point of various statins etc in order to deal with my blood pressure & heart condition, I am well aware of how these medications modify one's mental state.

More & more I am aware that we are not static beings, but constantly in flux...

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Great review Sarah. It’s consistent with the podcast episode. I love the comparison with gender identity. I remember stumbling across those concepts for the first time when I had a Mirena IUD and after 10 months, it went south. Doctors couldn’t accept that this device could have side effects and were almost reticent to remove it. This also reminds me of anti-depressant. I am going off them (used for anxiety) because I became convinced they were affecting my creativity. You are right, these are amazing tools, but it’s imperative that we acknowledge that they change who we are. Because they do. We just have to make a choice and compare the upsides and downsides of each. Well written. Thank you.

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