Popping in to add - this wasn't really meant to be a post with a lot of in-depth dating advice. I think the topic deserves at least a book or two to be covered well. I just added what I thought was insufficiently addressed. Hopefully you aren't too disappointed!

And you won't see any more on this from me, I really don't care enough about it. The *why* behind the bad advice was/is much more interesting to me.

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As an older person (59), it breaks my heart to see how much stress younger people have to deal with when it comes to romance. I'm not saying it was easier in my era, but from my vantage point social media really seems to make people less social.

My only advice, which everyone should take with a grain of salt, is to just be more IRL social. Now that Covid is fading (or being ignored), I find myself being a bit stiff in social situations, even though I'm not "on the market". It's natural to be nervous at any age. But being on our computers and phones so much makes all real life relationships tough. Romantic or not.

So, more face to face. More small dinner parties. Casual meetings. Talking to people in cafe's and movie theaters. On the bus. Waiting in line at the post office. Is it the most strategic way to find a partner? No. But as you say we're social animals. Be social! Physically social! Then maybe love will find you. (Corny end line. I'm a Dad. What can I say?)

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