I see all your points and wonder what the larger picture is when an entire generation of people seems to have an unassailable persecution complex. Maybe valid, and maybe not, but healthy boundaries are what keep societies functioning. Societies that allow everyone to whine about everything all the time don't stay societies for long.

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It will be very interesting to see if any of these orgs change during the next recession.

I’ve read good analyses arguing that one of the reasons corporations have gone woke in recent years is that, when interest rates were low, money was easier to come by than progressive goodwill. While some will probably stay woke regardless, higher interest rates will probably force others to crack down on employee activism and get back to making profits.

I wonder if progressive non profits will face similar pressure from big donors the next time the economy plunges.

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Will be interesting to see how most tech companies handle their woke work force given the examples set by Coinbase and just today, SpaceX

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Beyond the non-profit world of actually trying to pursue a particular mission, the foundations that fund many of these non-profits have also been totally "captured" or overtaken by the - what do I call it? ultra "progressive" - forces. This became totally clear to me when I attended a conference of "grant-makers" - hundreds of foundations including some huge ones - all of who towed the line on "centering" racial equity, talked in a corporate-touchy feeling speak, and properly did their pronouns. It all made me squirm. Don't get me wrong, my wife and I started a small foundation to work on issues of racial wealth equity, which is why I was even there. I do care deeply about this issue. But the groupthink was just overwhelming.

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Even volunteer organizations have been poisoned by the "woke".

Is anyone surprised that Roe v Wade is about to be overturned?

Not me.

I've seen this coming for years.

I used to volunteer inside Planned Parenthood to assist women and girls in the recovery room following their abortions. We provided cookies, orange juice, and emotional support. We also took vital signs to make sure patients were stable before leaving.

I also volunteered as a clinic escort, where I walked clinic patients past hostile mobs shouting "don't kill your baby!!!"

You'd think I'd be a great candidate to volunteer for the Texas Handmaids, right?


The Texas Handmaids kicked me out of their volunteer protest group because I don't believe trans women are the same as genetic women, or that trans men are the same as genetic men. They kicked me out for being a "trans phobe" even though my son is a trans man!

The upper middle class white ladies of the Texas Handmaids not only barred me from participating in their protests, they also got me barred from participating in a group where women wrote letters on various issues to their elected leaders.

The organizers of that group, also members of the Texas Handmaids, said I could no longer come because I would probably feel "uncomfortable".

It was like being in middle school again, denied a seat at the Mean Girls table.

Anyway, fun times.

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